We provide bodyguard services to ensure the safety of private individuals. Among our Customers you may find both local and foreign businessmen, show business stars, tourists, politicians and public figures.

Bodyguards task is to eliminate risks and ensure bodily security of person under protection, including when in a car. In this case, special attention is paid to before-the-fact prevention of possible threats.

The duties of the bodyguards are:

  • Control of security of workplaces and residences;
  • Inspection of movement routes safety;
  • Constant monitoring of changing circumstances and
  • If necessary, intervene into situation.

Skills trained to automation, endurance and practical experience – this is what allows our staff to keep calm and instantly adapt to changing conditions.

In the crunch the bodyguards, who are put in charge of protected person, is enforced by rapid response patrol teams staff.


License 921 - Bodyguard